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Resources and Links


Naturopathy and Herbalism: John Doran. I have known John for 10 years and referred many people to him. A former pharmacist, he wanted to give people drug free treatment and therefore retrained. He is a thorough researcher and true professional based in Dublin.


Hypnotherapy, Past Life, Rapid Eye Movement: Tom Tynan. Tom is a friend and for a while was a business partner. A former Chemist with an Msc Tom brings a wonderful combination of an analytical mind and a creative and spiritual mind to change work. Based in Dublin


Yoga: Shirley Watson: Shirley is my sister in law. I have watched her transform during a long journey into Yoga including a lengthy and thorough training involving frequent trips to the UK. She is passionate about yoga and teaches not only asanas, but yogic breathing (pranayana) meditation and gives good individual attention. Based in Dublin


087 2457167.

Intuitive Coaching and Angel Card Reading: Sinead McDermott: Sinead is a natural intuitive - a gift that has always been with her. Apart from that, she is a lovely person. Currently on maternity leave.


Homeopathy: I trained in classical homeopathy a long time ago. Two years ago I started to train in Practical Homeopathy with the London based College of Practical Homeopathy. My tutor and supervisor is an extraordinary homeopath: Ellen Kramer. I strongly recommend her:


UK and Irish Register of Hypnotherapists:





The holistic centre I run with my wife Avril



My company that sells Neurofeedback Equipment and trains people in the use of NeurOptimal



The Three Principles are a key approach I use in my work. Described first by Sydney Banks they provide an extraordinary approach to innate mental health. They are based on an “insight” as opposed to using a technique and transform people without the need for extensive psychotherapy. There are many sites but one I recommend is:


ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) This is one of the new mindfulness based therapies to have emerged in recent years (I have done some training in this and find it very powerful) . It is evident based and applicable to therapy and coaching. One of my favourite authors and teachers is Australian Doctor Russ Harris, author amongst others of the Happiness Trap:


The Weston Price Foundation is about returning to traditional food growing and eating practices. Much wisdom.


The Gaps Diet/Gut and Psychology Syndrome created by Dr Campbell McBride. This very wise doctor healed her own child of autism with this diet. But the diet is generally applicable for people with compromised digestive systems and the psycological problems that arise from it including depression, anxiety, brain fog etc.



Dr Mercola: a huge database or articles and advice on alternative approaches to wellness


Patrick Holford: UK Nutrionist - very insightful - attribues many physical and emotional problems to blood sugar imbalances. Creator of the Holdford Diet


Andrew Neil: One of the world’s top coaches: