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Smoking Cessation

Since 1997 I estimate that I have helped 3,000 people to stop smoking.

My success rate based on follow up calls is around 85%. That is way better than any alternatives such as will power, patches or one day seminars.

In the main I use hypnotherapy and NLP to help you stop smoking immediately!

Most people leave my consulting rooms completely free of the desire to ever smoke again.

The session is long - at least 2 hours usually, sometimes longer. We spend time investigating your smoking habit, and then I tailor a hypnotic and NLP session to changing the habit in your unconscious mind.

I have had success even with people who have smoked 60 a day for the last 40 years!

Most people only require 1 session - though some return for a top up session at some stage. Approximately 20% of people will require several sessions because of underlying issues such as chronic stress or anxiety.

Whilst I can not guarantee success, I will do my utmost to help you to quit this life destroying habit. From your side, you need to have made a firm decision that you are ready, and to have committed yourself to becoming a healthy, non smoker.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state which everyone has experienced - e.g. day dreaming, driving without being aware of your surroundings etc.

In a formal session of hypnosis you are aware, awake and in control.

I will ask you to close your eyes and then help you to relax. Once you have sufficiently entered into hypnosis, I can deliver powerful suggestions to your unconscious mind which will change the way you feel about smoking.