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Tel: 085 1003916 email:steven@achangeofmind.eu

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Steven for all of the help and guidance he has given me.

When I first started going to Steven I had very low self-esteem, zero confidence in myself and was working in a job that I really wasn’t happy in.

 With Steven’s direction and support I gained the courage and confidence in myself to leave the old job that I had felt so stuck in and start my own business in spiritual healing.

I have regained my sense of self and reclaimed my power. His incredible insight and wisdom have helped me to build a life I could only ever have dreamed of before. Now it is a reality.

 Thanks to Steven I am living the dream and loving life!

~ Sinéad Ailill McDermott


(Life coaching, Personal Development Coaching and Transformational coaching)

I am an experienced and accredited  coach (EMCC) with qualifications as a personal, exectuive and leadership coach, a deep transformational coach and an NLP coach.

Coaching is an amazing process designed to help you connect to your innate wisdom and to activate your true potential.

It is not advice, therapy or mentoring. Instead through a process of conversation, questioning, review of values, goals setting and agreed actions, coaching brings about powerful changes in your life.

Life Coaching helps you to review your life, reshape it, achieve goals and move towards greater happiness and wellbeing

Personal Development Coaching helps you to grow your awareness, review your values, change your beliefs, become more effective, have greater confidence and self belief and step into your power.

Transformational Coaching is the deepest level of coaching. It is a deep inward looking designed to bring about a fundamental shift of “being”, transform your self concept and connect you to your highest self.

To find out if coaching is right for you, I offer a free 30 minute session. Call me on 0851003916

Dear Steven,

I write to thank you very much for all the effort you have put into helping me and my children rediscover our lives and recover from the wreckage that followed the untimely death of my wife.

Before your intervention we were simply wandering aimlessly through our lives and through our grief, knowing many things were broken but not knowing where to start or how to fix them.

Your thoughtful therapy and coaching has given us an understanding of how we are and always have been fully in control of our lives without really ever appreciating or recognising it. It’s been a revelation to understand everything largely comes down to the choices we make and the background conditions we make them under.

We all enjoy our sessions, yet they are with purpose and thought provoking. The effect on my family has been truly transformational and will continue to be so. We are all so much more focused and grounded and happy to be creating positive choices everywhere. That is not to say all our problems have disappeared, but I have an overwhelming sense, perhaps for the first time in many years, that they are all solvable.

I shudder to think quite what life would look like now without your help.

With kind regards

Ingram, UK


Throughout my career, I have struggled to step back and objectively identify my transferable knowledge, skills and expertise in order to open up my world of work options.

I don’t think I have ever even attempted to identify my personal qualities and character strengths to help me discover my authentic self and determine what I really value, enjoy doing and believe in! Working with Steven has enabled me to do all this and much more – and all in a remarkably short space of time!

Steven’s innate wisdom, genuine interest in his clients and extensive knowledge make working with him a fascinating experience. He expertly encourages exploration within a highly supportive, non-threatening context, offering guidance when needed, but never taking over. For me, it’s been a creative journey which has involved a huge amount of learning and discovery, along with the nurturing of feelings of self-worth and self-belief.

I am enormously grateful to Steven. Having been truly ‘stuck’ when we started working together, I have not only found out what I want to do, but also how I can do so from anywhere in the world. I am currently working on my website and so excited about the future and all the possibilities that are open to me.

I cannot recommend Steven highly enough.

Kate, Chartered Psychologist U.K.