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Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Steven for all of the help and guidance he has given me.

When I first started going to Steven I had very low self-esteem, zero confidence in myself and was working in a job that I really wasn’t happy in.

 With Steven’s direction and support I gained the courage and confidence in myself to leave the old job that I had felt so stuck in and start my own business in spiritual healing.

I have regained my sense of self and reclaimed my power. His incredible insight and wisdom have helped me to build a life I could only ever have dreamed of before. Now it is a reality.

 Thanks to Steven I am living the dream and loving life!

~ Sinéad Ailill McDermott

Transformative Coaching

The quality of your life is totally determined by the quality of your mindset including your beliefs and thoughts.

Transformative Coaching aims to change you from the inside out. We get you to an internal place where your beliefs and thoughts are aligned with your dreams and goals. As you begin to experience internal states including confidence, clarity, groundedness, peace of mind, self esteem, contentment you begin to notice changes happen in your external life.

Simultaneously, we work in a traditional coaching way to reappraise whatever area of your life you are looking at whether it is work related, your personal life journey, relationships, health, spirituality etc.

Transformative Coaching is a conversation in which you make discoveries, change beliefs, develop new mindsets and discover a new sense of self. To accomplish this we might draw upon traditional coaching approaches including examining values and beliefs, goal setting and action plans, as well as other approaches including mindfulness, Hypno-Coaching, NLP and the Three Principles.

I work with individuals, business executives and small businesses.

Whilst I am sometimes happy to do a one off coaching session, usually I ask you to commit to at least 6 sessions over a 6 - 12 week period. Many of my coaching clients have worked with for up to 10 years, because life and personal development is an ongoing process!

Main applications: Life Coaching, Small Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Spiritual Coaching

Dear Steven,

I write to thank you very much for all the effort you have put into helping me and my children rediscover our lives and recover from the wreckage that followed the untimely death of my wife.

Before your intervention we were simply wandering aimlessly through our lives and through our grief, knowing many things were broken but not knowing where to start or how to fix them.

Your thoughtful therapy and coaching has given us an understanding of how we are and always have been fully in control of our lives without really ever appreciating or recognising it. It’s been a revelation to understand everything largely comes down to the choices we make and the background conditions we make them under.

We all enjoy our sessions, yet they are with purpose and thought provoking. The effect on my family has been truly transformational and will continue to be so. We are all so much more focused and grounded and happy to be creating positive choices everywhere. That is not to say all our problems have disappeared, but I have an overwhelming sense, perhaps for the first time in many years, that they are all solvable.

I shudder to think quite what life would look like now without your help.

With kind regards

Ingram, UK