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Transformative Therapy

I have helped people overcome almost every conceivable emotional or psychological problem since 1997. If you are suffering, or your life is limited by a fear, depression, anxiety, addiction etc., you owe it to yourself to get help.

And overcoming your problem and feeling better may be faster than you thought. Unlike traditional psychotherapy which can take years, I have developed Brief Therapeutic approaches which aim to resolve your problem within  1 to 12 sessions - on average I see a client 4 times. (In around 10% of cases, with serious psychological issues longer term therapy may be needed).

Transformative Therapy utilises a blend of approaches including Brief Therapies, Hypno-psychotherapy, NLP ,Mindfulness Based Therapies and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

In some cases we heal the past by changing the meanings given to difficult or traumatic events. In other cases we might look at how to manage your emotions or thoughts; or we might focus on connecting to yourself at a deeper level, or changing core beliefs.

During our first session, we will look at the essential dynamics that are stopping you from being your best. We then discuss a way forward and get straight to work on bringing about powerful transformative changes. For some clients, the 1st session is the only session needed.

For a list of commonly treated conditions, please click here.


Thank you so much for your help in enabling me to clear the past and look forward to a life full of many different possibilities.

(from a client previously experiencing depression and anxiety as a result of a childhood experience

 (name withheld for confidentiality reasons)

Dear Steven,

I wanted to thank you for all your work, help and kindness.I feel happy,content ,calm and more confident than I ever have! I feel grounded, am more mindful and enjoying my life as it is.There are many I know who I dearly wish could experience such simple change.

(Genuine testimonial - clients details withheld for confidentiality reasons)

 I have been attending Steven for therapy for some time now. I came in with a lot of issues and a huge amount of false beliefs about myself and my life.

With his guidance and support I am starting to see a different picture.

He is utterly non-judgemental and extraordinarily intuitive. His kindness and interest in helping people come through in every session. With his support and guidance he has encouraged me to find my way, particularly when I have been very lost.

 It has not always been easy, some of my most trying times have been during our therapy but I have to say that the ongoing journey has and is so worth it.

He thinks outside the box and if one way doesn’t work, he’s not afraid to try something else. I would highly recommend Steven as a therapist.

Sharon, Dublin