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Tel: 085 1003916 email:steven@achangeofmind.eu


I have been helping people by using hypnotherapy for over 20 years. I am considered to be one of Ireland’s top hypnotherapists, and have also trained people in the use of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is especially powerful and fast because it works with the subconscious mind, which is really where all problems take place. Conventional talk therapy may take years, whereas hypnotherapy often accomplishes much more in 1 - 12 sessions.

There is nothing strange or mystical about hypnosis. Everyone who wants to can enter some level of hypnosis, which for most people simply feels like a state of pleasant relaxation.

In some cases, we use hypnosis to discover the route cause of a problem, and then to remove any suppressed or blocked emotion.

In other cases we instruct your unconscious to use its vast and powerful resources to simply find a way of resolving your problem.

I also combine hypnotherapy with Neuro Linguistic Programming which includes techniques useful for overcoming trauma, gaining confidence in public speaking, overcoming fear of flying or raising self confidence and self esteem.

For deeper emotional issues, I espcecially do work with clients to change their “core beliefs” which are really at the heart of most problems.


For a list of commonly treated conditions, please click here.


Thank you so much for your help in enabling me to clear the past and look forward to a life full of many different possibilities.

(from a client previously experiencing depression and anxiety as a result of a childhood experience

 (name withheld for confidentiality reasons)

Dear Steven,

I wanted to thank you for all your work, help and kindness.I feel happy,content ,calm and more confident than I ever have! I feel grounded, am more mindful and enjoying my life as it is.There are many I know who I dearly wish could experience such simple change.

(Genuine testimonial - clients details withheld for confidentiality reasons)

 I have been attending Steven for therapy for some time now. I came in with a lot of issues and a huge amount of false beliefs about myself and my life.

With his guidance and support I am starting to see a different picture.

He is utterly non-judgemental and extraordinarily intuitive. His kindness and interest in helping people come through in every session. With his support and guidance he has encouraged me to find my way, particularly when I have been very lost.

 He thinks outside the box and if one way doesn’t work, he’s not afraid to try something else. I would highly recommend Steven as a therapist.

Sharon, Dublin