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Tel: 085 1003916 steven@achangeofmind.eu

Feel better quickly with Hypnotherapy and Brief Therapy, change your life with Life and Personal Development Coaching and optimise your brain with  Neurofeedback.

I have helped thousands of people to feel better or to discover a new sense of self, since 1997.

 I have been using Hypnotherapy  for over 20 years with a high level of success. Particularly, I do a lot of work with stress and related issues, anxiety and panic and low - to medium level depression, as well as issues such as those listed below.

I am also hugely successful in helping people to break habits - especially smoking!

I was the first person to introduce Neurofeedback to Ireland (2008) and use the most advanced system on the market.

If you are looking to resolve an emotional or psychological issue I can help and often - fast!

Best wishes, Steven Lane, SQHP,DHP, BE Psych, Dip C, Mprac NLP

Steven has helped me enormously, to recognize the structures of my own limiting beliefs and to wholeheartedly connect with my values and wishes.

Beyond therapeutic intervention, he’s helped uplift my sense of possibility, and raw wonder! Working with him has been transformational to my sense of who I am and what I might do with my life – and more than that, he has shown me the immense potentiality that is already here and fully accessible to anyone, beyond the need for any healing to take place.

IDanielle Hill, Austria

However you feel, there is always the possibility of change. I specialise in helping people to change and to feel differently.

Make an appointment and TAKE THAT FIRST STEP!

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Common Issues I Help With

Representative for Zengar’s

NeurOptimal®  Neurofeedback

Efforless change through technology

(See www.neurofeedbackireland.ie)

Hypnosis is similar to day dreaming or driving your car on autopilot. It is a pleasant state of relaxation during which your mind can resolve problems or re-programme itself for greater happiness.

Online Therapy and Coaching Ireland, U.K. And U.S.A.

 I can help you quickly by working with you online, over Skype,Facetime, Zoom.

This is suitable for many issues and we can do  brief therapy, NLP and hypnotherapy or coaching online provided you have reasonable internet connection.

It saves you travel time and money.

FEEL BETTER now and make an appointment: 085 1003916 or steven@achangeofmind.eu