Getting Out of the Rut

What would your life be like if could find the energy and motivation to elevate yourself into a more resourceful state?

With the stresses and challenges of life, many people fall into autopilot mode, often including poor coping strategies such as drinking too much too often, recreational drugs, or simply zoning out.

The point is that you can fall into what I call an uncomfortable “comfort zone” in which you are just getting by. You are certainly not using your full potential, and you certainly wouldn’t be describing your life as amazing. And yet there you are: stuck!

How do you get out of the rut?

You might be able to get out of it yourself by beginning with the question:

“ Am I really willing to live my life like this?”

“And if not, what am I willing to do to lift myself out of this state?”

And then you might begin to ask yourself what you do want and how you might get there.

You could then visualise this powerfully and commit yourself to doing what needs to be done – which will include getting powerfully motivated.

If you can do that – fantastic – I wish you well!

And if you can’t – are you willing to stay stuck? If not, some help might be needed.

This is exactly where “coaching” or sometimes therapy comes in.

A professional coach is trained to help you to make your life amazing. They will help you to set goals, believe in yourself, take necessary steps, point out your blind spots, motivate you, translate your goals into actions and hold you to account.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT  ………………………………………………….


Steven Lane is an experienced and fully qualified coach, an accredited Coach Practitioner with the EMCC and a full member of the EMCC. (