Everything depends on the Mind

When you think about it, it seems obvious that everything depends on the mind.

How you see the world …..

How you see yourself …..

What you believe you can achieve …… etc

In fact, we never ever experience the real world. We only experience the world through our mind, and that means that all experience is filtered, modelled and distorted.

In NLP, they say, ” the map is not the terrain”!

Our experience of the world is totally dependent on the model of the world we have. And we create this model via our experiences, beliefs and core dynamics that arise from our experiences.

Yet, most people try to change their lives by trying to change the circumstances in their lives. And most of the time (unless they update their mind programming too) this doesn’t work too well.

When you think about it, it seems obvious that upgrading your mind is the obvious solution and by far the best investment you will ever make.

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